About Yeny Ferreras
Yeny Ferreras is the founder of Yeny Studio, a Graphic Design, and Photography Service Company. Having been born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Yeny migrated to the United States in pursuit of developing her education in the Arts. For Yeny, it all began in her childhood with fashion. She would gather fabrics and leftover clothing and create dresses for her dolls. The love for fashion and designing clothes would lead her to discover graphic design and photography. During her career pursue, she attended the Bronx Community College, obtaining an Associates degree in Digital Arts and Science in 2017, and The City College of New York, receiving a Bachelor's in Arts in 2018. Yeny became an adjunct lecturer at the Bronx Community College, Art & Music Department during the Spring of 2020; she began teaching digital photography. Through educational skills and freelance opportunities, Yeny has continued to grow not only as a designer but also as a professional photographer.​​​​​​​